Pedal Steel Podcast Episode 1 – Matt Buetow, Riffstation

Episode 1 of the Pedal Steel Podcast! We review Riffstation and interview singer/songwriter Matt Buetow, who is also a beginning pedal steel player.

Direct download link for the episode 

Check out Riffstation and the isolate tool YouTube videos – Jimi Hendrix and The Strokes. For a chance to win a copy of Riffstation, leave us a review on iTunes and email me at with your iTunes username (so I know who you are)! I noticed after recording the review that there is a way to disable the auto-scrolling feature in Riffstation, so that’s a plus – easier to keep the cursor where you want it.

Music used in my Riffstation review: Emma Hill – The Keeper. Emma and I have been music partners for a number of years. Find out more at

Matt Buetow is a singer/songwriter I’ve been working with for about a year and a half. Recently he picked up pedal steel, so I interviewed Matt about his journey so far, and we discuss some challenges facing beginning players. Song featured – You Won’t. We were trying to remember the name of the steel player who played on Ben Kweller’s Changing Horses – it was Kitt Kitterman. And I’m not sure if I gave the right date for the Portland Steel Jam, but it’s May 3rd.

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Special thanks to Sarah McCarthy for the great idea to do a podcast about pedal steel, and to Jeremy Holmes for all the help setting up the podcast feed!

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