Pedal Steel Podcast Episode 12 – Christopher Woitach, Stringjoy

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Christopher Woitach is a jazz guitarist, steel guitarist, and composer living in Portland, Oregon. Christopher Woitach has played with many nationally and internationally known artists, including Bernadette Peters, Rich Little, Hank Roberts, Bob Mover, Tony Monaco, Mel Brown, and John Stowell. He regularly performs throughout the Pacific Northwest, and at jazz festivals in the U.S. and Canada.

“You have to find the world that suits you.” – Christopher Woitach

Topics discussed include:

chrisw01.gifChristopher Woitach copedant

Featured track: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Christopher Woitach.

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2 thoughts on “Pedal Steel Podcast Episode 12 – Christopher Woitach, Stringjoy

  1. As usual, very informative and entertaining….Thanks for posting. RC

  2. Great Job !!!!… Christopher…..Well done!!!…

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