I began playing banjo in 2009 and soon after fell in love with the rhythmic and melodic sound of clawhammer (or frailing) banjo style. People typically associate the banjo with blistering fast bluegrass rolls, which is a great sound, but beneath the surface there’s real beauty in the banjo that often goes overlooked. My goal is to bring that beauty to the surface.

“Furiously Happy” features Emma Hill’s record Am I Talking to You? features this approach. You can hear the banjo solo at 2:25.

Unheard, Unseen by Small Souls features plenty of out-of-the-box banjo, especially duringExistential Midlife Crimes.” The banjo is present throughout, mixed in with drum loops and orchestral strings, but at 3:45 the banjo and guitar take a unison lead. “Bridal Veil Falls,” features a more traditional motoring rhythm, though still with the clawhammer style.


photo by Josh Ponce

Bryan uses and endorses banjos from Gold Tone Musical Instruments.

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