Pedal Steel Guitar

Pedal steel is my bread and butter. I’ve been playing since 2003, and it’s my go-to onstage and in the studio. I’ve toured with Emma Hill, Small Souls, Courtney Marie Andrews, Matt Hopper and others, and as a session player I’ve recorded steel for more artists than I can count. That includes 4 songs on Pieces of Forever by Laura Sullivan, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2021. I also host a podcast aptly named the Pedal Steel Podcast.

If you’re looking for pedal steel recorded or live, I can help. I specialize in recording tracks over the Internet, ranging from straight-ahead classic country to way-out psychedelia. Regardless of your style, the pedal steel will enhance your sound and give your listeners something unique.

Photo by Bailey Griffith

photo by Bailey Griffith

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