Being a music producer snuck up on me. I was more interested in the technical side of recording and considered myself “just” a recording engineer. But over the years, certain projects naturally became more collaborative, and I found myself co-producing with the artists. Now I concentrate on a more holistic approach to the recording process. It boils down to something like this: If the song isn’t working, it doesn’t matter how pretty the mic sounds. Everything has to work, and work together.

To that end, I take on more projects where I’m the producer as well as engineer. I find the best players (sometimes that includes me) and the best studio for your project. I also write and arrange parts for strings and horns, and I specialize in vocal production. Getting the vocal just right is the hardest but most important part – the human ear is “tuned” to the vocal above all else.

A client once described me as a “patient perfectionist.” Making exceptional art takes time and effort, and sometimes you have to push through some rough takes to get to the gold. You can’t rush a masterpiece!

Meow Wolf

photo by Emma Hill

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